Monday, March 30, 2009

Chinese Auction

As part of the Carnival this year, Maple PTA will be holding a Chinese Auction. Each class is responsible for making a basket to be raffled off during the auction. When turning in your items, please make sure your child's teachers name is on it, the classroom with the most items received will win a pizza party.

The list is as follows:

Furhmann/Roberts: Mom Basket
McCory/Wagner: Dad Basket
Hoffman/Spencer: Movie Basket
Winney/Rogers: Kids Basket
Falcone/Resnis: Baby Basket
Lipomi/Scullen: Gardening Basket
Valvoda/Pariza: Summer Basket
Jurek/Cirino: School Supplies
Hashier/Mahoney: Party Supplies
Snowbrick/Andrews: Snack Basket
Rudd/Iaboni: Sports Basket
May/Heyges: Candle Basket

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